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Yeah, this whole TRANSVESTIGATE thing is another big psyop. Seeing how bent out of shape people are getting I'm honestly not sure if exposing this stuff is exposing the globalist agenda or assisting it...

While there is a long history of men pretending to be women dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years, this current trend of saying "EVERY CELEB IS AN INVERT" is another play both sides deep state psyop. Some certainly are, but by no means all.

A lot of the feminisation of men (and masculisation of women) is due to modern inputs such as toxic foods, rather than sex changes. But there is a lot of deception going on as well

I'm not obsessed with this subject, although I do find it an interesting psyop. But blogging has all gotten a bit much for me lately and I'm going to have a break from posting on this blog, starting today. I'll be back posting on next month.



Wednesday 4 October 2023



One of the most controversial topics online at the moment (apart from the covidhoax) is TRANNIES. I make a point of using the word “TRANNY” because it triggers LIBTARDS and WOKETARDS, and I also try to put some key words in CAPS because that seems to trigger them as well, which is always a bonus.

Now by the term “TRANNY” I’m referring to people who are playing the role of appearing to be the inverse of their biological gender. One of the more approved words for people with this MENTAL DISORDER is “TRANSVESTITE”. I’m not referring to the transmission systems in cars, which are also called trannies by some mechanics.

The subject has opened up over the past few years, and some TRANNIES are now widely accepted as being MEN IN DRAG, like Michelle Obama (AKA Michael Robinson) but, even that glaringly obvious example took nearly a decade before a lot of people finally saw it.

The next level of trannies are also reasonably obvious, but still a big stretch for most NORMIES. The more obvious ones include European royalty, Hollywood actresses, American “first ladies”, “female” pro athletes, and many “female” politicians. These are mostly Male To Female TRANNIES (MTF). There are also some Female to Male (FTM) TRANNIES but those are rarer and generally harder to spot.

Part of what makes all this more confusing, is that as part of the psyop a lot of “TRANSVESTIGATORS” are actually controlled opposition shills. One of their key tactics is to repeat the mantra “EVERYONE IS AN INVERT” so claiming that pretty much all celebs of any sort are trannies. This is utter bollocks, but it damages the credibility of real transvestigators.

For example, some of them are even claiming male body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger are biological females. These sort of unlikely claims remain uncensored on mainstream platforms while more legitimate transvestigations are generally taken down hard.

Arnie in this old photo doesn’t appear to be packing much heat, but otherwise has no female features apart from lack of body hair, and that would be waxed or shaved

Transvestigations are another one of the key psyops designed to create uncertainty and confusion (Operation Chaos), and because many people have been reacting fairly badly to this new area of confusion I recently promised several friends I would try to do a blog post with a simple checklist to make this all a bit easier. Depending on what categories were included and how they were split up, the number could have ranged from as low as 10 right up to about 30.  The choices of which measurements and characteristics to include is fairly arbitrary but the used ones are all fairly easy to spot and may be significant, particularly if a lot of them occur together

Just because a person has a few of these characteristics (Except for #1) it by no means proves they are a biological male. The typical sort of score of the suspicious looking “females” we are looking into, is at least 10, and usually more. So it is pretty high really. Recently I watched a Korean movie (Parasite, 2019) and all the female actresses would get a very low score as far as I could tell. That NEVER happens in recent Hollywood movies. Never…

OK, let’s rip into it:


# 1. Having a COCK

Yes, this is for real, let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s a major give away. Mostly they keep them well hidden, but not always, and it’s not only Michelle Obama who tends to let things out of the bag sometimes. “Lady Gaga” likes to wave his dick around onstage, and there are quite a few others who look damn strange in a swimsuit.

Michael Robinson scores very high on this checklist – hard to beat in fact!

Pamela Anderson used to pack her lunch much better back in Baywatch days!

#2. Having a brow ridge

Apart from #1, this list is in random order. But it is very rare for females to have a brow ridge. Brow ridge reduction is one of the key surgery procedures done in  Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS),  a set of surgical procedures that alter typically male facial features to make them closer in shape and size to typical female facial features. It includes various bone and/or soft tissue procedures such as foreheadplasty to change the shape of the forehead bone or move the frontal hairline, brow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek implantation, and lip augmentation as well as facial hair removal. – http://aaronstonemd-plasticsurgery

#3. Having an Adam’s apple

 Some women do have visible Adam’s apples, but the shape is usually different to male ones, and they are seldom large angular bulges. One of the reasons Sandra Bullock is so often discussed in transvestigation circles is that she has a very masculine Adam’s apple, along with a wide range of other masculine features, along with an unusual name. (Names are frequently another area of interest)

Males tend to have a much more prominent Adam’s apple than females. The Adam’s apple can be reduced with a procedure called a “tracheal shave” or “Chondrolaryngoplasty”. This is best done via an incision in the natural neck skin crease above the Adam’s apple to give the least noticeable scar. It is not always possible to make a large Adam’s apple invisible with this procedure, rather the intent is to change it from the masculine 90 degree Adam’s apple angle to a more feminine 120 degree Adam’s apple angle – http://aaronstonemd-plasticsurgery

#4. Male Q-angle

This is one of the measurements that cannot be easily disguised, nor can it be changed by surgery. So it is a key factor to check out. Typically, for men, the angle is around 12° while, for women, the angle Q angle is 17°. Some of the controlled mainstream medical sites that tend to promote misinformation, are attempting to claim there is no real difference in Q-angle. But there is.

This picture of Cameron Diaz is very revealing. She racks up quite a few points here, including #1, Q-angle, and several others we’ll be getting to soon.

#5. Shoulders wider than hips

This is one of the most basic ratios, and often one of the easiest to spot so is frequently discussed. Yes there are all sorts of body shapes, and not all women have wide hips. But as with all of these measurements, shoulders wider than hips is just another point. Typically men have shoulders around 3x the width of their head, while women have a shoulder width around 2.5x their head width. And their heads are also usually smaller as well.

Sarena Williams is a good case study – “she” fails pretty much everything on this list, as do most pro women’s tennis players. Certainly she scores here on shoulders wider than hips!


This one is of particular interest to me because I fail it quite markedly. Generally a male’s third finger (ring finger) is slightly longer than their first finger (index finger), while a female’s index finger is slightly longer. But in my own case, my index finger is 8mm longer than my third finger, and that's why I drop a point on this checklist. Various commentators have drawn conclusions about the significance of these ratios, including homosexuality and prostrate cancer, but there is very little consensus, other than most females have a longer index finger.

This also sometimes been called 2D:4D ratio, and there have been claims of it being linked to verbal aggression, and risk taking, but these seem to be from studies that were getting funding to essentially prove that males tend to be more aggressive than females, so not exactly ground breaking research.


Generally hands and feet are proportional to overall height, and certainly most tall women have fairly large feet. It’s easier to discuss foot size here rather than hand size because they have actual numbered sizes for feet, but hand and foot sizes generally match each other. I’m referring to US Men’s shoe sizes here (which are one size larger than UK/NZ/Aus sizes – eg. US12 = UK 11 ).

When looking at female celebs and models in particular a common point of note is that they seem to have unusually large hands and feet. Generally men have larger foot to height ratios than females, but this is not always consistent and should only be taken as another one of the measurements. For example, I have a male friend who is 6"1' and has US9 feet, (overall his smallish feet are the only point he drops), while I also have a female friend who is 6"1" as well but has US men's size 12 feet (she scores two points overall, one for her large feet, and another one for her tall overall height).


Cindy Crawford scores another point for her US10 feet…


As western populations have become increasingly obese over the past 50 years, it has become fashionable to be “skinny”, particularly for women, But women naturally have a higher body fat ratio than men. This subject is very controversial and people will argue about it until the cows come home, but to keep things really simple here, and using round numbers, I’ll just say that while a very high portion of both males and females in western societies are overweight, for males it is generally not ideal to have less than 5% body fat, and for females sub 10% is potentially unhealthy. For example, women with sub 10% body fat are often infertile.

American actress Sarah Hyland is another one of many celebs who look unnaturally thin. This may all be a result of eating disorders, but on this list looking skeletal earns another point.


As well has having ultra low body fat, so being unlikely to become pregnant anyway, many “female” celebs have been caught using MOON BUMPS which are a real give away. The two main balls ups that tend to occur when using moon bumps are that they slip down, in some cases very noticeably, or they briefly fold up in the middle when the expectant mother is sitting down. In some cases these incidences are captured on film and some end up going viral for a short while before being deleted from the internet.

Meghan Markle is the most legendary example of moon bump slippage, as hers was dropping out all over the place, while the mainstream desperately tried to cover the whole story up as a “conspiracy theory”.

These embarrassing moments were quickly deleted!

Along with moon bumps there are also cases of no backstory, a classic example being Michelle Obama/Michael Robinson who is supposedly birth mother to two daughters but that entire story falls to bits as soon as it is looked into. New Zealand ex “prime minister” Jacinda Ardern’s pregnancy story is another rabbit hole of epic proportions. She may have successfully worn the moon bump, but the rest of that story is full of holes.


The Adonis Belt, which is a visible V in the lower belly area, only occurs in (fit) male bodies, and would never usually be seen in a biological female, so having one of these is a real give away. Some celebs like Pink and Cameron Diaz like to show off their Adonis belts at the beach. While I’m tempted to give this measurement double points, everything here only scores one point.

Pink’s Adonis belt is really quite impressive. Most men would be very proud of that.

Having an Adonis belt is another point on the scoreboard for Cameron Diaz

#11. NO ARSE

Arses come in all sizes and shapes, but no arse at all screams schoolboy, rather than woman. While breasts can easily be boosted with silicon implants (and pretty much all “female” actresses of both sexes have breast implants), arses are harder to fake and implants are more likely to go horribly wrong. So an astonishing number of celeb “sex symbols” seem to have no back end.


Catherine Zeta Jones likes to shake her booty



Portia De Rossi really has the whole package


Masculinization is when a female takes on male characteristics. I left this one to last because it often stirs up the most resistance and outrage. Some women will argue that transvestigators are picking on post menopausal women who have low estrogen, and their more masculine appearance is normal. But this characteristic applies to a wide range of “women” with ages ranging down to as low as early 30’s, and often includes some quite unusual aging. 

Here the actresses Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright from the Harry Potter movies are both shown aged approx 20 and then around 30. They are fairly typical examples, and anyone who researches the Harry Potter books or movies will find a rabbit hole of such epic proportions that this will barely even be surprising amongst all the other dark secrets. Again this characteristic is not being held to be “proof” of transgenderism, but is just another point out of more than a dozen.


I decided to stop here at a dozen, or I'd be going on endlessly, but there are quite a few other features of note. Here are another half dozen I have left out:



These are also some non- biological markers that are commonly taken to be red flags, here are three of the most frequently observed ones:

REVEALING NAMES – Sometimes these come in the form of masculine surnames such as Katie PERRY or Katherine ROSS. Sometimes it’s first names like TAYLOR Swift or GLENN Close. And sometimes the names are just plain revealing, in a variety of ways, such as Sandra BULLOCK or Courtney COX.



ILLUMINATI HAND SIGNS – The most common one is the “ALL SEEING EYE”, but there are quite a few others that are commonly displayed, like “666” and “Sign Of The Horns”.

GIVES OFF A MALE VIBE – Yeah, this one is very vague, and causes a lot of indignant outrage. I’m not talking here about the physically repulsive examples, often playing the role of politicians etc, but the supposedly “HOT” celebs. These “women” are heralded as sex symbols and ideal examples of the female form. So why is it that so many heterosexual man find them not just unattractive, but downright creepy. It could be just the overall fakeness, but I think there is an undefinable feminine vibe that men find attractive, and these “women” just don’t have it.

Angela Jolie gives off many different vibes, none of them feminine!

Jessica Simpson certainly scores very highly on this list, but there is something more than the biological markers, something that screams “I’M A MAN IN DRAG!”

 Now, armed with this checklist, you will never see most Hollywood actresses or American first “ladies” in quite the same light again.

Jacqueline LEE Kennedy

Betty Ford

Tuesday 3 October 2023


Eight Ways Society is Feminising Men Through Food And Products

 feminization of men

A reoccurring theme in many of the food health concerns revolves around high estrogen levels. This can be harmful to men and women. It’s almost as if there is a conspiracy to reduce the population of humans on planet earth.

Perhaps Ori Hofmekler said it best:

“We’re on the fast track to extinction. In the past 50 years, sperm counts in men have dropped 50 percent, while the average man’s testosterone and sperm count has plummeted 20 percent in just the last 20 years.”

See: Chemicals Found Everywhere Confuse Sperm, Destroy Male Health

The conspiracy behind it seems rather obvious but debating the point is futile. What matters most is that we recognize that it is a problem and find ways to fix it.

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, noted neurosurgeon and author of The Blaylock Report:

“Studies show that xenoestrogens from plastics appear to cause premature menses in young girls. Soy isoflavones appear to increase aggressiveness and heighten antisocial behavior in monkeys and appear to feminize male animals.”

Below is a list of high-estrogenic foods that should be avoided to live a life of abundant health that can be passed down to offspring.

1. Pesticides Through Conventionally Raised Fruits and Vegetables

Pesticides that are sprayed on conventionally grown vegetables (often GMOs) act as estrogens once ingested.

The pesticides sprayed on conventionally grown (non-organic) vegetables act as estrogens once inside the body. (Source: PESTICIDES MAY BLOCK MALE HORMONES)

2. Soy Is Not Healthy


There are many reasons to avoid soy, one of the most heavily subsidized crops by the United States government. One of the best is the high estrogen-like effects on the human body. Too much soy leads to enlargement of breast tissue, water retention, female pattern fat deposition and mood swings. It can also decrease testosterone. (Source: 170 Scientific Reasons to Lose Soy in your Diet)

See: 12 Reasons To Avoid Any Kind Of Soy

3. Hormones In Beef

To increase meat and milk products hormones are given to cows by some farmers. This meat, when ate by humans, is transferred to us. Once inside the body these compounds have strong estrogenic effects. (SOURCE)

In addition cows are fed soy that has been soaked in pesticides. This is a triple whammy. This is why it is critical to eat grass-fed beef.

4. Beer

beer belly

In his book The Natural Testosterone Plan, Stephen Harrod Buhner writes:

“Hops is best known for its use in beer. The majority of physicians and men overlook its potent chemicals and do not realize that beer itself can significantly alter the male androgen levels. German beer makers noticed long ago that the young women who picked hops in the fields commonly experienced early menstrual periods. Eventually, researchers discovered the reason – hops is perhaps one of the most powerfully estrogenic plants on Earth. Just 100 grams of hops (about 3.5 ounces) contains anywhere from thirty thousand to three hundred thousand IUs of estrogen, depending on the type of hops. Most of it is the very potent estrogen estradiol. Estradiol, as it is taken into the male body, causes a direct lowering of testosterone levels in the testes and an increase in SHBG levels, which then binds up even more free testosterone in the bloodstream. The estradiol in hops has also been found to directly interfere with the ability of the testes Leydig cells to produce testosterone. The presence of this highly estrogenic substance in beer is not an accident.”

Commercials will have one that that drinking beer makes a man macho. Nothing can be further from the truth!

See: 100 Percent Of Beer Tested Had At Least 5 Times The Amount Glyphosate Allowed By Law

5. Television and the Feminization of Men


Male feminization on television has slowly be conditioned into the psyche of men. This has dramatically altered behavior patterns. To discuss this among some, it can be seen as homophobic. In reality, it’s recognizing that through diet and entertainment, a new male has risen and ‘he’ is more ‘she’ than ever.

6. Unsaturated Fats

Unsaturated fats from vegetable oils are mostly soy, which is an estrogenic plant byproduct, among the highest on the planet. These are covered in pesticides, which come with their own estrogenic properties.

Saturated fats from lard, butter coconut oil and so on help produce testosterone and are preferred alternatives.

7. BPA in Plastics

bpa skin

Xenoestrogen is a class of chemical that mimics estrogen in humans. Chemicals from plastics leak into cans, bottles, packaging of food, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and everything else. Plastic is everywhere.

According to the national Institute of Health:

 “Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.”

Over 93% of American’s have BPA in their bodies. This reduces sperm counts in males.

Environmentalist Bruce Lowry describes the side effects we’re seeing from exposure to BPA:

“Things like Attention Deficit Disorder, Childhood Obesity, Asthma, Autism, and then a whole range of Cancer’s that we’re seeing too – Brain Cancer, Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer. ”

See: The Longterm Health Impact Of Toxic Food Packaging

8. Pthalates in Scents

Studies in male animals exposed to pthalates have found reduced sperm production, undescended testes, hypospadias, and decreased testosterone production.

Sources of Pthalates to avoid:

Shampoos, Colognes/Perfume, Deodorant, Hair Spray, Body Lotion, Makeup, Glade Plug-ins and other Air Fresheners.

By Jesse Herman

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