All the words you need to transition

AAMP Adult Attracted Minor Person – The other side of a MAP. See: MAP

AAP Auto Androphilia; A Female sexually aroused by the thought of herself as a man

AFAB Assigned Female At Birth; IE: Born with a front hole

AFAB trans woman A satirical identity to highlight the fact that women and trans women are not in the same category and cannot become each other despite some trans women calling themselves female; kikomi is a fictional example of such a person

AGAB Assigned Gender At Birth; What your parents label you depending if you have a cock or not

AGMP Androgynomorphilia; See: GAMP

AGP Autogynephilia; A Male being sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female

AGP smirk / Autogynesmile That side-smirk every other AGP uses when taking a selfie

ALT phalloplasty Anterolateral Thigh Flap phalloplasty. Where they butcher and harvest the meat from thigh, results just as bad as with RFF

AMAB / ACAB Assigned Male/Cock At Birth; IE: Born with a dick

Abdominal phalloplasty Same as all other phallos but the meat is harvested from the lower belly area. One perk of this procedure is you get to look normal in swimwear/underwear and not like a burn victim

Aero / Aromantic No sexual interest or attraction

Affirming Any behaviour, activity, clothes, whatever that makes a troon feel Validated/Aroused

Aiden / Gayden A trans man (FtM) that looks terrible; IE: Not passing at all; See: Zoey

Amhole Tranny vagina, as inmortalised by lolcow Kevin Gibes; See: Stinkditch

Andromimetophilia Paraphilia of being attracted to trans identified males / male crossdressers.

Anna A trans woman (MtF) that looks terrible; IE: Not passing at all, a genderbent Aiden

Apache Helicopter Very old meme; A slang term mockingly used to make fun of individuals who identify other than male or female

Ardern – A MTF who looks like a horse

Asexual A lack of any sexual attraction to anyone

Autohomoeroticism The attraction or arousal of the idea of oneself being a gay man. There is much debate on whether or not heterosexual FTMs experience either autoandrophile or autohomoeroticisim

BAME Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity (Obsolete; See: BME)

BDD Body dysmorphic disorder. Almost a prerequisite for being a troon

BME Black and Minority Ethnicity (Formerly BAME; See: BAME)

Babytrans Person who recently realized they are trans; Annoying like a born-again christian

Banshee / Ghoul A troon. Called banshees because they don’t really pass because of their facial features (See Narcissa Wright)

Binding Putting on a binder (corset-like thing) to hide your breasts; Continuous usage of a binder makes the tits awfully deformed

Birthing people Pregnant women, but created to include NB women; See: Vulva owners

Blanchard Ray Blanchard, usually refers to Blanchard’s transsexualism typology

Blur Trans activists’ nickname for Blaire White because of disagreements

Bologna An FTM constructed “penis” since they sorta look like bologna sausage

Bonerwall / Stonefall Nicknames by opponents of the Stonewall organisation; See: Stonewall

Bonus Hole / Three holes What Gaydens refer to their genitals. Gaydens often try to pressure gay men into having sex with him by mentioning they have three holes they can fuck and to shame them for preferring male buns/anuses

Bottom Surgery any major surgery regarding the genitals like phalloplasty, metoidoplasty, vaginoplasty, etc.

Bottom growth the enlarged clitoris of a female on testosterone. Closely resembles a micropenis and it is apparently painful

Boy Pussy What FTMs refer to their vagina, used to shame and mock gay men for preferring to perform oral on bussy (or bums/arses/anuses) over their vaginas and pressure them to go down on them. Within normal gay contexts may refer to a bottom’s butt

CAFAB / CAMAB Coercively Assigned Female/Male at Birth; typically in reference to intersex conditions where the doctor tried to do their best with what they had when that person was born but didn’t end up working out in the long term. Intersex people have come after troons for trying to appropriate it

CHUD – A “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller” (from the title of an 80’s movie). Now used by the trans and greater social justice communities to refer to anyone they don’t like. IE: Anyone who is CIS

Chaser Someone that wants to fuck trannies because they are trannies

Chestfeeding Breastfeeding but more inclusive because your standard FtM Aiden breasts ain’t breasts, that’s just chest. Breastfeeding is transphobic

Cis cisgender; A person whose sex matches with its gender; IE: A Fucking Normal person

Cisbians A term troonbians use disparagingly when a lesbian won’t fuck an MTF “lesbian”

Cishet Cis Heterosexual; IE: Normal people

Cisterhood / Cisters Group that includes all biological women, generally born with functioning vaginas. MtFs need not to apply

Ciswashing A form of historical revisionism that erases the lives of trans people from cultural memory, leaving cis people as the remainder

Clocking / Clocked The act of someone recognizing someone else is trans or not a “real” man/woman

Coded In pseudo intellectual speak, means “insinuated to be”. See: Trans-coded

Cope, Seethe, Dilate / CSD Said to an MTF troon that’s being annoying and whiny or as a general diss to MTF troons

Cotton Ceiling The frustration experienced by many MTF when lesbians won’t sleep with them because they have a dick. The “cotton” refers to underwear

DIY Do It Yourself; When a tranny tries to make the SRS themselves. Usually results in (even more) ogrish, horrifying results

DIY HRT Purchasing and using hormones without a prescription; May or may not imply homemade hormones, yes, that’s a thing.

DSD Differences of Sexual Development, a more scientific name for intersex conditions, typically used by those who don’t believe said conditions should be part of the LGBT community

Dangerhair An unfavourable, obnoxious SJW or individual with brightly coloured hair that usually tend to identify as trans or nonbinary. Are often easily offended and very unattractive

Deadname A troon’s former name

Deadnaming Intentionally using a troon’s former name; See: Deadname

Dehiscence / Wound Dehiscence A surgical complication in which a wound ruptures along a surgical incision; ie: When a neovagina/neodong falls apart by the seams

Demi / Demisexual / Demiromantic “not being interested until you develop a deep connection or know someone well.” Pretty standard for many people

Desist / Desistor It refers to stopping the identification as trans. Different to detrans (See: Detrans) in that detrans refers to the reversal of medical and social transition while Desisting is just a social act

Detrans / Detransitioning Troon that regrets trooning out and now tries to revert back to normal (Spoiler: The damage is done already)

Dilate Shoving a medical dildo into the surgically made fake vagina to prevent it from closing

Dilation Station: A room presumed to exist at events like AGDQ where trannies can go dilate

Dysphoria Mental anguish over not passing or not being the “felt” gender

Egg A person who is currently not transgender but will “hatch” in the future

Erasure When trannies aren’t acknowledged in any context. EG: saying all women have vaginas is erasing trans women

Euphoria (gender) Common MtF feeling; When a troon gets aroused by anything considered Affirming, like wearing female clothes and underwear

FART Feminist Appropriating Radical Transphobe, an insult for women who disagree with trannies when TERF isn’t harsh enough. IE: Men playing dress up are the real feminists

FFS Facial Feminization Surgery; A an attempt (usually unsuccessful) of removing that manly jaw shape

FIVE O’ CLOCK SHADOW That lingering beard shadow that MTF troons try very hard (and fail) to hide.

FTM Female To Male; Born a Woman, transitioning into a Man

FTMTF Female to Male to Female; A former FTM / TiF / Trans man

Femboy An effeminate male who may or may not identify as transgender

Femme Short for “Femenine” meaning a woman

Femmephobia A hatred of all feminine people.” Basically, this is what you get when you try to extend traditional misogyny towards MTF

Femoid / Foid Despective way to call a (real) woman

Folx An ultra woke way to refer to a group of people, because “folks” wasn’t gender neutral enough. Also supposedly more inclusive towards troons & ethnic minorities

Frankentroon A hideous trans person who’s surgery didn’t come out well in the end

Frog voice A characteristic voice FtM troons tendo to have, described as a somewhat prepubescent boy voice.

Front hole Pretty self explanatory; Generally refers to real, natal, women’s vagina

Fujoshi A female that is into Yaoi (japanese male-on-male romance/sex) mangas. Many female tranny chasers seem to be Fujoshis as well

GAMP gynandromorphophilic; person who trooned out because they were a tranny chaser that took it too far

GC Gender Critical; People and ideas that do not adhere to troon orthodoxy

GID Gender Identity Disorder; Used to be in the DSM-V as the main diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria.

GNC Gender Non-Conforming; describes someone whose gender performance is different from the one expected from their gender identity; IE: Tomboys and Tomgirls

Gatekeeping / Gatekeepers Any checks or limitations or any process at all that may prevent a troon from getting their titty skittles

Gay sounds / Happy gay sounds; popular among trans subreddits (mostly MTF), used to express gender euphoria; See: Euphoria

Gender Critical See: GC

Genital preference In essesence is sexual attraction, that is often hurled towards LGB people(lesbians and gays in particular) for not being into Gaydens’ or troonbians’ girl dick or boy pussy

Girldick What MTF call their penises

Granny Tranny An elderly transsexual/transgender individual. Drop by Tommy Tooter’s forum to check our local example.

H+ Transhumanist; Common among troons that they consider themselves the forefront of transhumanism

HER A Dating app for lesbians, overrun with trannies that make no effort to pass at all

HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy; Pumping your body with the opposite sex hormones

HSTS HomoSexual TransSexual; Generally MTF trannies who are interested in dating/fucking men. these are often gay men who think that transitioning will enable them to seduce straight men. These trannies pass “reasonably” well

Hatching / Breaking eggs Grooming someone into becoming trans; See: Egg

Hermaphrodite Person with both functioning sets of genitals, unicorn, doesn’t exist, even though people like Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv has claimed in the past they are

Hon / Hons “Honey”; An unflattering tranny. Used by TERFs and tranies alike to shit on other ugly tranies

Hontra Portmaneu of “Hon” (See: Hon) and Contra; Name for Nyk Nicholas “Natalie” Winn AKA ContraPoints

Hysterectomy Removing the uterus, a requirement for most FTM trons

Internalized transphobia Ranges from self-hating tranny to any tranny speaking against the general consensus of the cause

Intersectionality On paper, how the combination of how one’s race, gender, wealth, etc. affects discrimination. For trannies, it’s mostly a shield against criticism, intersectionality is the buzzword for when their multitude of “oppressed” traits are inconveniencing the rest

Intersex Birth defect where your genitals are not fully developed one way or the other. Troons use the existence of this rarity to claim sex is a spectrum

Janny / Tranny Janny / Troon Joon A moderator of a website, usually a TRA or an MTF, who will ban and cleanup any dissent or wrongthink. See Aimee Chanellor for a famous pedophile reddit tranny janny example

Just want to pee! A common response by trans activists when an incident of an MTF troon displaying voyeurism or exhibitionism in public women’s toilets has occurred

Kikomi / Bio trans girl See: AFAB trans woman; A cartoon character of a woman that identifies as a transwoman.

Kodocon A gender inclusive term for lolicons, shotacons, and every other species of pedophile; See: MAP

Kweer Corruption of “queer”, used to mock people deeply into the gender ideology who may use multiple labels to appear special

LGB Alliance / LGBA A Gay and Lesbian group that doesn’t believe that trannies should be lumped in with people who define themselves on their sexuality; Obviously that means they are an “evil transphobic hate group”

MAP Minor Atracted Person; A PC way of naming a pedophile

MLD phalloplasty Musculocutaneous Latissimus Dorsi Flap Phalloplasty. Tissue from a back muscle is used to create the dong, results are as awful as you would expect

MLM Men Loving Men

MOGAI Acronym, “Marginalised and Oppressed Genders And Identities”. Alternative to “LGBT(QIA+)” that focuses on newly created genders/pronouns and flags

MTF Male To Female; Born a Man, transitioning to a Woman

MTFTM Male to Female to Male; A former MTF / TiM / Trans woman

Ma’am / Maam A hulking, agressive, masculine MtF troon, from this infamous GameStop video

Man In troon orthodoxy, anyone who says they are a man, is a man. For most people it generally means someone with an all-natural, no surgery needed cock

Manoid / Moid Despective way to call a (real) man

Masc Short for “Masculine” meaning a man

Mastectomy Tit removal

Menstruators A biological woman, you know… But Inclusive or some shit

Mermaids Organisation in the UK that supports “trans kids” and encourages any child who might be gender non conforming to troon out

Metoidioplasty A FTM surgery where the clitoris is enlarged with hormones then surgically pulled off so it makes a “penis” from it

Microlabel An invented label that’s very specific, possibly even to the individual

Milking The act of manipulating the prostate gland through the anus, so as to discharge as much seminal fluid as possible.

Misgendering When someone adresses a troon by their “old” gender. IE: Calling a man a man

Moder / Boymoder / Manmoder / Girlmoder Denotes presentation; Boymoder presents as a boy, may be androginous; Manmoder is like boymoder but look like a grown up man; Girlmoder is a trans woman that dress like a woman.

Mumsnet A British website for women with children, not happy about Troons existing around their children hence they are Evil Incarnate

NB / Enby Non-Binary; Identifies neither a man or a woman or both, usually an Attention Whore or a future Troon

Neopronoun Newly created pronouns as alternatives to the common “he” and “she”. Popular examples include xe/xir, ey/em, fae/faer and singular they/them.

Non-Prostate owner A Woman…

Not Even Gynecologists The self-delusion of some trannies that “Not Even Gynecologists” can tell the difference between a real vagina and their stinkditch

Nounself A specific type of neopronoun (see: Neopronoun) based on a common noun. E.G. bunself, pupself, bugself, dollself

Nullification Type of gender surgery for people of either sex who identify as non binary, removing the genitalia completely leaving nothing but a urethra

Ogre / The Ogre Hideous MTF troon. Nickname and name corruption of notorious transactivist lawyer Ronan “Morgan” Oger responsible for defunding the Vancouver Rape Relief shelter

Ollie Nickname of pretentious AGP MTF Youtuber Oliver Ollie/Abigail Thorn (PhilosophyTube) who even makes other troons like ContraPoints uncomfortable

Oppressor Woke and leftist slang for anyone that certain group of people deems to oppress them, in essence, anyone and anything that goes contrary to their rethoric

Orchi / Orchiectomy Testicle removal

Otherkin Person who identifies as anything other than human. In essence, when being a furfag goes too far A reddit clone where all the TERFs (and anyone not sucking up to troons) moved. Is full of man haters, good for a laugh and peak trans stories

PPT Peritoneal Pull-Through Vaginoplasty; From troon sources: “[…] uses abdominal (peritoneal) lining for the creation of the neo-vagina in women born without a vaginal canal.”. Kevin is gonna get one of those

Packing / Packer Putting a fake bulge inside your underwear as to look more manly; See: Tucking

Pansexual Attraction to potentially anything; The only “sexuality” deemed non-bigoted by troons. In reality tends to be just a fancy way of saying bisexual when the vast majority of self-respecting bisexuals won’t give into pressure to have sex with troons

Passing / Pass The hability of looking like the desired gender without raising suspicions of troondom.

Extremely rare, most troons delude themselves into thinking they “Pass”

Peak Trans When someone sees enough to become disillusioned in regards to the trans movement. The moment one switches from “Trans Women are Women” to “You Are A Man In A Dress”

Penis Owner A male, essentially. Fuck me if this isn’t parody again…

People With Vaginas See: Vulva Owner. More euphemistic PC crap for avoiding troon and enbi offense

Person of transgender experience Fucking self-explanatory euphemism because trans person is invalidating or something

Phalloplasty / Phallo Surgery that tries (and fails) to make a cock out of assorted pieces of body meat and skin

Pink News Once a site for LGB individuals, now bends over and sucks the trans activist girldick

Polycule A group in a polyamorous (more than two partners, not open) relationship

Post-op Someone who has already had gender reasignment surgery performed

Pre-op Someone who has not had gender reasignment surgery performed

Prick News / Penis News How gender critical and radfems call Pink News; See: Pink News

Programming socks Thigh-high striped socks. Ironic meme referring to the relatively high concentration of mtf trannies in the tech industry

Puberty Blockers Drugs given to gender confused kids to halt their natural puberty so they don’t develop secondary sex characteristics; said to be reversible but it’s highly unlikely

QTPOC Acronym, “Queer and Trans People of Colour”

Queer Formerly a slur, now used to refer to anyone who isn’t straight or gender conforming

Queerplatonic SJW speak for a close relationship that is neither romantic nor sexual, in normal people terms, a best friend

RFF phalloplasty Radial Forearm Flap phalloplasty. Taking a piece of arm meat, roll it into a sausage, and sew the result into the crotch to make a fake penis. Results are usually gruesome on both the arm and the crotch

ROGD Rapid Onset Gender Disphoria; When your daughter and all her friends troon out almost simultaneously. Pozzed wiki article

Rapey J Penis Refers to Riley J. Dennis who said that it was wrong for homosexuals (gays and lesbians) to prefer genitals of the same sex because it “Invalidates” trans people

Rat King A notorious member of the LGBTQ+ community who makes a fool of themselves. The vast majority of rat Kings tend to be MTF

Real Self / Being my real self A troon’s desired identity, using this phrase usually means the troon in question will not only troon out, but also be an absolute degenerate while doing so

Reclaiming Being an specific member of the community who has exclusive rights to say mean words unedited, usually results in more gay drama when some gets triggered.

Reees Fraud and cheat AGP MTF troon cyclist Rhys McKinnon who denies biology and targets “TERFS”

Repressor Someone who denies their disphoria; IE: Almost anyone that doesnt 110% Validates them. See: Validation

SRS / GRS / The Chop Sex/Gender Reassignment Surgery; Making a frankendick or frankenvagina with surgery, results are usually terrifying

STP Stand To Pee. Pretty self explanatory, FtM troon that can pee standing up

Safe Space A heavily moderated place/forum where tranny feelings may not be hurted. Uusually free of intelligent discourse

Seahorse dad An FTM who gets pregnant and gives birth, so named because male seahorses carry the eggs of the females then “give birth” when they hatch

Sex worker Is just that; Ranges from actual hookers to porn stars and OnlyFans queens

Sissy Hypno A genre of porn intended to hypnotise its male viewer into believing he’s a trans woman; a favourite of AGPs

Skirt go spinny Meme; A phrase when MTF’s feel “happy” if they’re wearing a skirt and making it fly; Brings them “euphoria”.

Skoliosexual A person attracted exclusively to troons/non binaries, in other words, a chaser

Slur An insult, all of this glossary is a huge list of potential slurs

Stealth / Stealthmode Tranny that passes as a real man/woman almost prefectly

Stinkditch / Neovagina / Nurgle’s fleshlight / Frakenvag A fake vagina made from what once was a penis. An attempt was made, it usually stinks

Stonewall LGBT charity that lost its way and now bends over for the troon cult

Straight with extra steps A gay trans man (a female) dating a real man or more rarely a transbian (a male) dating a real woman.

Super Straight / Super Lesbian / Super Gay Started as a meme, Supers are straight / lesbian / gay people that will not date troons, for them transwomen are not women, and transmen are not men. Causes major butt hurt.

TEGM Trans Exclusionary Gay Male. See: TEHM

TEHM Trans Exclusionary Homosexual Man. A gay dude that won’t suck Aiden’s dick

TENI Transgender Equality Network of Ireland Ireland’s largest pro troon lobby

TERF Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist; A feminist that doesn’t think Trans women are women (IE. Someone who is right).

Current usage refers to anyone that doesn’t think that TWAW

TERF Island The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

TGTF transgender transformation, a fetish

TMA Transmisogyny affected. A tool for MTFs to remind the rest of the world how oppressed they are by misogyny unlike males and especially FTMs; See: TME

TME Transmisogyny exempt. A tool for MTFs to remind FTMs they are privileged because they don’t experience transmisogyny; See: TMA

TPAF Trans Person Assigned Female, a female that trooned out. TRA slang. See: TiF, AFAB

TPAM Trans Person Assigned Male, a male that trooned out. TRA slang. See: TiM, AMAB

TRA Trans Rights Activist / Activism; Ie: A troon defender, sucking the tranny cock

TWAW Trans Women Are Women; Boring slogan, usually targeted at bystanders/TERFs

TWERF / TWEF Trans Women Exclusionary (Radical) Feminist(/ism)

Teetus Deletus Cutesy nickname for double mastectomy surgery (see: Top surgery), popularised by plastic surgeon Sidhbh Gallagher who advertises the procedure on social media

They / Them (singular) Plural pronouns used as singular by people who identify as non binary

Theyby / Theybie Portmanteau of “they/them” and “baby”, it refers to people, usually trannies themselves, refusing to assign a gender to their baby and referring to the child by they/them pronouns until they’re old enough to decide on a gender identity

TiF / “Tiffany” Trans Identified Female; Born female, identifies as trans

TiM / “Timmy” Trans Identified Male; Born male, identifies as trans

Titty Skittles Estrogen pills, as called by cow Narco / Cosmo / Narcissa Wright

Top Surgery Any major surgery regarding the chest like breast augmentation such as mammaplasty or mastectomy

Tramsfemine / Transfeminine People that try acting more like a woman, may include both MTF and NB people

Tranch Trans Ranch; See the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch thread for an epic tale of Alpacas, Amholes, Ammo and Grifting.

Tranner What trannies sometimes call themselves; May refer to any trans person

Trannoid A trans person. Similar to moid/foid/femoids

Tranny is the one word to rule them all, either the most offensive word on this entire list or just a term to encompass anyone who may be transexual, depending on your position on the IQ and liberal spectrum's

Trans Widows Wives of newly transgender people who feel like the personality they married has died, usually divorced

Trans-coded / Transcoded A character in fiction which due to behavior or other traits is implied to be trans

Transbian Trans lesbian, a trooned-out guy who likes girls

Transgenderqueer Feeling both trans and genderqueer

Transmaiden Mostly used in gender critical circles to refer to a person who doesn’t identify as trans, but acts as a cheerleader for gender identity ideology. Combination of “trans” and “handmaiden”

Transmasculine People that try acting more like a man, may include both FTM and NB people

Transmaxxing Are you an incel who’s angry at women because they are beautiful, have a dating pool, and have easy lives since men who will do anything for them? Do you think you’re a failed man and life would be better as a woman? Just transmax!

Transmed Short for Transmedicalist, someone who believes you must have dysphoria to be trans but is not trans themself. See also: Truscum

Transmisogyny The oppression of AMAB women (MTF trans people)

Transphobic Literally anything and everything that offends a tranny or tranny ally

Transracial A person who identifies as any race other than the one they were born as and will often change their appearance to attempt to closer resemble the race they want to be. Examples are Oli London and Rachel Dolezal. Triggers trannies and highlights their hypocrisy as they believe it’s possible to change sex but not to change race

Transsexual Outdated (and very much fetishized) terms for being transgender, now considered a slur

Transvestite Someone who dresses as the other sex but does not consider themselves transgender. Nowadays considered a slur and their existence in the past is being memoryholed. There were never transvestites in Stonewall, only transgenders

Trap Someone that looks like a girl and has a dick. Traps are indeed gay, even if you say it ain’t so

Trender / Transtrender A person that says they’re trans and behave like a trans person just because it is trendy or because it will make them gain status

Trender / Transtrender Someone who identifies as trans for the sole reason that it is “in” or “trendy” or that doing so will give them asspats and/or an advantage

Trendercore Tumblr aesthetic created by kids admitting that they’re doing the gender thing for fun and don’t suffer from dysphoria. Includes pride flags, pronoun pins and eye-burning neon colours. Link describing it in their own words

Troid / Trannoid A troon

Troomer A portmanteau of troon and coomer. Smelly porn addicted autogynephilic MTF’s with disgusting paraphilias

Troomer Portmanteau of troon and groomer. Refers to paedophilic MTFs who groom minors into transition and or for child porn

Troon A trans person, any trans person; Portmaneu of “Trans” and “Goon” of Something Awful fame

Troonacy “Troon Luncay” aka When transactivism or a specific troon just goes too far

Troonbian Mockingly used towards MTF’s who call themselves lesbians

Troonie A tranny; Protmaneu of Troon and Tranny

Trooning out When someone decides to start becoming their “Real Self”

Troonish / Trannish / Traneese Slang and terms used by troons that nobody knows what they’re on about. Almost like a different language. We are doing our best to keep a record of it here

Troonsexual Someone who’s only attracted to troons, high chance of becoming a troon themselves totally not for fetishistic reasons

Troonsgender Another term for transgender

True And Honest Depends on context, but either refers to an actual woman or a tranny; A CWC-ism

Truscum Trannies that think you need to have dysphoria to be “Real” trans; Hates Tucute

Tryke Combination of lesbian slang dyke and trans. MTF “translesbians” call themselves this

Tube Tits / Cone Tits Tits that look the wrong way due to trooning out (HRT/Surgery) and having man’s body

Tucking Hiding the penis; See: Packing

Tucute Tranies that think you don’t really need to have disphoria to be “Real” trans; Hates Truscum

Twanzphobia When radical feminists make fun of troons petty whinging about everything being transphobic

Two-Spirit Said to be a Native American gender identity, but like most other “cultural” genders it was mostly just used to refer to gay men. Also god forbid you identify as such if you’re white

UL Urethral lengthening. A procedure for FtM troons that might allow them to pee through their new sausage

VAWG Ovarit-ism; Violence Against Women and Girls, usually found when discussing the preferential treatment of troons over women under the law due to greater opression points (TWAW + Troon status)

VFS Voice Feminisation Surgery; Just that. As a side effect, they generally cannot shout anymore. Risky procedure where it can cause their voice to be too high or so rough, hoarse, strained or breathy (dysphonic) as to make communication difficult

Vaginoplasty Surgery that tries (and fails) to make a vagina out of a penis; See: Stinkditch

Validation Agreeing with everything a troon does, saying a troon is “totally just like a real man/woman” even if false; IE: Asking others to validate your delusion

Vulva owners Politically Correct way of saying women. “Real Feminists” not happy; Troons may be already apropiating the term

WLW Woman Loving Woman, apparently it has severe transphobic implications to say this

WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Wand / Hitachi Wand A device originally designed for massaging sore muscles that is commonly used as a woman’s sex toy. Very popular amongst MTF troons as it “validates” their womanhood and “neovagina”

Wax my balls Meme: Women should be legally compelled to touch tranny genitals, from the IRL Yaniv case. “Bake the Cake” tranny edition

Woman In troon orthodoxy, anyone who says is a woman, is a womman. For most people it generally means someone with an all-natural, no surgery needed cunt

Womxn A woman, but avoids using the word “Man” yet sold as an inclusive version of Woman for some gender retardation

X says trans rights / Trans Rights Meme, in which various fictional characters are depicted showing their support for gender ideology. Popularised by leftist youtuber HBomberguy’s charity stream of Donkey Kong 64 where he donated the proceeds to the charity Mermaids (“Donkey Kong says trans rights”)

Xenogender A type of made up gender that is supposedly “outside the human experience”, e.g. someone comparing their identity to a planet

YWNBAW You Will Never Be A Woman. A simple statement of fact that MTF troons refuse to accept

Yaniv Jessica / Jonathan Yaniv. A vexatious canadian pedo tranny, of Wax my Balls fame; See: “Wax my balls”

Yanny Jonathan Yaniv; See: Yaniv

Yeet the teets / Teet Yeet See: Teetus Deletus

Youngshit Minors; People that transitions very early/before being adults

There are no "Z" words yet because I haven't found any. The trans movement seems to be zedphobic.

Most of this content was lifted from FROT.CO.NZ who in turn lifted most of it from KIWI FARMS

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