For me this realisation started out around 2012 when I suddenly said “Hang on, that gay guy whose name is really Barry Soetoro, is married to a man in a dress who Americans keep calling the “first lady” But that man in a dress is an ex football player called Michael Robinson, whose dick keeps sticking out the front of his dress.

And so I started wondering why so few Americans seemed to notice when their country was being run by a gay zionist puppet alongside a totally unconvincing drag queen.

Michael the drag queen is not the typical celeb tranny because he has a large penis that is frequently seen in public  (it’s rumoured to be bigger than Barry’s) Most famous trannies manage to hide their penis very well and some even like to show off their crotches in bikinis and hot pants. (How? – this question is yet another rabbit hole and I’m hoping someone else will do a post about that because it’s all a bit gross)

What often gives them away are shoulders wider than hips, big heads with square jaws, brow ridges, big ears, big necks, big hands with the wrong finger ratios, muscly arms, low body fat, no feminine curves, fake boobs that keep changing size, and hips the width of 10 year old boys. There are a bunch of other things but I’m trying to keep this simple.


As well as being famous (but mostly totally crap) TV presenters, actress, and pop stars, some of them do actually have a real talent. They are good at sport, and win lots of competitions. That is because a man in a dress is generally going to spank the living crap out of most woman on a sports field.

And the best example of this is Sarena Williams, one of two boys who were raised to be “female” pro tennis players. Recently “she” went psycho on court and a few more people noticed – yes that man in a dress looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger for fucks sake. Wake up people…

A favourite ploy of all these trannies is fake pregnancies (baby bump suits followed by an adopted child) And the sheeple fall for that crap, hook line and sinker even after the heroic “mother” starts posing for photos of “her” abs a week after giving birth. Ignoring the fact that “her” body fat ratio was far too low to ever get pregnant. And with those narrow hips things would have gone very badly anyway.

Here are some other famous male to female trannies who are being heavily promoted by the zionist/satanist media.


No real talent, but she sells millions of albums and is very good at doing satanic signs which reveal her huge hands

Image result for taylor swift satanic hand over eye

Now check out that hot 10 year old boy in drag body!



Tranny’s tend to age badly and look more manly every year – Cameron Diaz is a good example.

Related image

Spot the dick!

Spot the curves!


Consistent clues include a straight back and small arse.

The love of standing with hands in pockets.

Big square jaws (there are bunch of other signs around the head, like big ears, Adam’s apples, brow ridges etc. But I’m still aiming to keep this simple)

Big muscly arms

No curves – NONE!

Always trying to appear wider in the hips

And those wide shoulders (how on earth is that attractive?)

In the zionist media they are frigging EVERYWHERE – keep your eyes open!

In real life they pretty much don’t exist – have you ever actually seen a woman who looked like a 10 year old boy?

The female to male ones are harder to spot – Ed Sheridan and Justin Bieber both being likely examples. (Tattoos are one of the ways they attempt to look more masculine)


So you just can’t get enough trannies? – Now check these ones out

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Image result for katherine zeta jones


Image result for katherine zeta jones


Sandra Bullock

Nice adam’s apple!


Katy Perry

Sandra Bernhard 

Related image




From Spice Girl days

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer


Yet another Prince Harry ex

Robbie Williams with his “wife” – yeah right…

Seriously, if you think those are women, I have a new crypto currency token to sell you…

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