Thursday 5 October 2023


Yeah, this whole TRANSVESTIGATE thing is another big psyop. Seeing how bent out of shape people are getting I'm honestly not sure if exposing this stuff is exposing the globalist agenda or assisting it...

While there is a long history of men pretending to be women dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years, this current trend of saying "EVERY CELEB IS AN INVERT" is another play both sides deep state psyop. Some certainly are, but by no means all.

A lot of the feminisation of men (and masculisation of women) is due to modern inputs such as toxic foods, rather than sex changes. But there is a lot of deception going on as well

I'm not obsessed with this subject, although I do find it an interesting psyop. But blogging has all gotten a bit much for me lately and I'm going to have a break from posting on this blog, starting today. I'll be back posting on next month.



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