Thursday 31 August 2023


Gwen Stefani is an American singer and songwriter who came to fame in the 1990s as the lead singer for the band No Doubt before starting a solo career.
A MTF invert deceiving the masses and in particular young women, with body image and identity issues, Stefani seemed sad and tortured in her lyrics, which often alluded to her struggles with being an invert in disguise.
When "I'm Just a Girl" came out in 1995 I thought it was great, but the messages in this video went totally over my head. Watching it now, the lyrics, Gwen Stafani's mannish looks, and all those images of urinals and public toilets, are not lost on me! Still a great song though.

“Cause I'm just a girl I'd rather not be
'Cause they won't let me drive late at night
Oh I'm just a girl, guess I'm some kind of freak
'Cause they all sit and stare with their eyes”
(excerpt from“Just a girl”)
“Can you tell I'm faking it?
But I want to be myself
A counterfeit disposition
Can't be good for my health
So many different faces
Depending on the different phases”
(excerpt from “Magic’s in the makeup”) 
Notable Details:
-large clavicle and shoulder skeletal structure
-angular mandible and large male skull
-large trachea and visible adam’s apple
-devil horn’s hand symbols to give allegiance to her god
-straight torso with no female hips
-666 hand sign showing who she worships
-adonis belt visible in various images

 And more recently, on the right, seen here in 2023:

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Growing Old Gracefully

Ageing can be very revealing…

Brooke Shields 


Patti Smith


Courtney Cox


Salma Hayek


Julia Roberts


Maria Shriver


Pamela Anderson


Hilary Swank


Melanie Griffith


Cindy Crawford


Sophia Loren


Lita Ford


JK Rowling


Carly Simon


Glenda Jackson




Jane Fonda


Celine Dion


Demi Moore


Joan Jett


Sarah Jessica Parker


Sandra Bernhard


Sandra Bullock


Mike Myers


Monday 28 August 2023

There is a long history of men competing in women's sport

The scam of second rate male athletes competing in women's sport is nothing new - it goes way back. Here is an early example from the 1920's

Back then this handsome JEWISH MAN was winning a lot of women’s sporting events

 Called Fanny “Bobby” Rosenfeld, he was even voted “Canadian woman athlete of the half-century” in 1949.

There were lots of other famous trannies 100 years ago, but nothing like the number there are now. Wake up people, they are everywhere.

Thursday 24 August 2023

Tuesday 22 August 2023


 According to Wikipedia, a QUICKIE is sexual intercourse that a couple may engage in when the time available is minimal. The quickie may arise from a spontaneous sexual desire by the parties, or be a regular or planned arrangement. 
 Because of the limit on available time, foreplay would generally be skipped; the woman may not have enough time to lubricate naturally. In a planned encounter, the partners may dress in a manner that reduces the time needed for undressing. For example, the woman may wear a wide skirt or a front closing dress and open crotch lingerie, thongs to be pushed aside or no underwear, especially pantyhose. The man may dispense with a jacket and belt. A quickie between a heterosexual couple may generally satisfy only the man's sexual desire
 But that is not what I'm talking about here on this blog. (I never realised Wikipedia were such a bunch of perverts)
 QUICKIE is also a designer and retailer of high end wheel chairs based in Phoenix, Arizona USA.
  But that is not what I'm talking about here on this blog either.
 Collins Dictionary has the exact meaning I am looking for:
"A quickie is something that only takes a very short time"
 The reason I'm using it as a tag on this blog is because some of the posts are not really blog posts, they are just one or two pictures and a line or two of text. Anything tagged "quickie" is what is also known as a "shitpost" or a "tweet". It's something I just quickly threw out there because it caught my eye.

This post has three images and several lines of test so it IS NOT A QUICKIE. You would definitely need to get undressed to read this post...


Thursday 17 August 2023

Wednesday 16 August 2023

Ed Sheeran looks like a FTM

 Ed is an unlikely star with his round podgy face, small feminine features, gingery nerdmop haircut, sad beady eyes, dork glasses, small shapeless body, woke tatts, and thin low testosterone facial fluff. He looks like a female to male (FTM) tranny. He also looks like sombody’s pet gimp.

 Supposedly he is massively popular, and his fake Youtube hits certainly are extraordinary. The hits and comments on Youtube videos are legendary for being fake and manipulated, but even by Youtube standards these numbers are special. On one unbelievably lame video he has 3.3 BILLION views. Yes that is 33 as in the Masonic special number. And yes that is BILLIONS as in there are only supposed to be eight billion people on earth in total. (and that figure is rumoured to be grossly inflated, but that is another rabbit hole).

Monday 14 August 2023

Britney Grinder has found himself

 Since having time to reflect in a Russian gulag, Britney Grinder has now given up all pretense of being "a woman"

Saturday 12 August 2023

Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson needed some new garbage cans. But instead of ordering top-of-the-line name-brand trash receptacles, she headed to a HomeGoods discount store in June to hunt for a bargain, she confesses in a new interview. In the same sit-down, she also admits it “might be the last time” she’ll be wearing her gold rings and bracelets — “because I might have to sell them.”

Yes, Jessica — who once ran a billion-dollar empire — is down and out. “She’s feeling a major financial crunch, which is a huge 180 from her old life, where finances were never a concern and she bought the best of everything,” a source tells In Touch. But over the past couple of years, a run of bad luck involving her company’s management forced the actress and former reality star, 43, to go into massive debt and make “big lifestyle changes.”





Thursday 10 August 2023

Donna Summer was a man in a wig singing in falsetto

 "I Feel Love" did have a funky groove going, but the person born Adrian Gaines in 1948 who became "Donna Summer" had one hell of a pair shoulders!

Monday 7 August 2023


Officially they are only size 9… Yeah right! - Those flippers are enormous! I have size 14 feet myself, and if I wore shoes like those my feet would look quite similar.

Saturday 5 August 2023

An Honest Princess

Princess Stephanie of Monaco was above all the pretense - he was a male princess and he didn't care if people saw his junk! 

He might not have been happy but he wasn't making much effort to hide anything really...

Tuesday 1 August 2023


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