Monday 6 May 2024


Although this MAN is not a tranny is the traditional sense of the word, he certainly exhibits a variation of the same mental disorder

There I was clicking unthinkingly on an odd sounding blog link, when next minute my eyeballs had fallen right out of my head and I was groping about on the floor trying to find them to put them back in.

 "I can freely express as I wish to and show my Non-binary-ness and alternativeness in the way I want to, when and how I want to"

"Life is too short to spend it in clothing that doesn't make us feel like titans. So we should throw away limitations, forget fears, tear down boarders and cubby holes and express as we want to. Let fashion be a window into who you are and never let the world drown your creativity in vanilla mainstream expectations. Shine like the blazing star you are and let your fashion sense show through"


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